Video Marketing with YouTube

What comes to mind when you think of a search engine? Google? Yahoo? Bing? Yes these are all search engines but what about YouTube? YouTube is a video sharing site that is owned by Google where millions of viewers search for information daily. You can find just about any video here from cute animal videos, news, music videos, or stand up comedy. More and more, businesses are using YouTube to promote their products and services. So what is stopping you from tapping into this potential and using YouTube for your business?

It doesn’t matter what type of business you own or what the size of your company is, creating videos and uploading them to YouTube will bring more traffic to your website and keep your phone ringing. All types of businesses are taking advantage of this audience made up of millions of viewers. Real estate agencies, remodeling companies, retail stores, law firms, dental offices…you name it.

In the past, the only form of video marketing was through television commercials. This gave larger companies an unfair advantage since TV commercials were not always within the budget of a small business. Today with YouTube, all businesses can take advantage of video marketing. It doesn’t cost a thing to upload a video to YouTube, there is only the cost of shooting the video. Even the shooting of the video can be done at minimal cost and still produce professional results.

Ok so we’ve made it clear that video marketing with YouTube can benefit any type of business. But how will your business take advantage of YouTube? All companies have different goals, but we’ve listed a few ideas of how YouTube can benefit any business

Sell an individual product

Create a video to introduce a featured product you are trying to sell.

Overall brand awareness

You don’t have to focus on selling to create a promotional video. Create a video that is informative to the user. This allows you to be an expert in your field and promote your brand at the same time.

Communicate with employees

Communicating with your staff through videos can save you money. Instead of holding training for a new product 3 different times, shoot a video once and let all of your employees watch it on their schedule

Customer Testimonials

Use video marketing to show off your satisfied customers. Let your audience hear the kind words straight from the horses mouth

Introduce Staff

How will people get to know who you are though text on your website? Introducing staff through video adds more personality and lets potential clients feel as if they have already met you.

Product Support

Instead of being tied up on the phone providing product support, create a few videos that answer frequently asked questions.