Social Media Marketing

You have probably heard of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or Pinterest. Those are just a few examples of the social media sites that are available today. But there is more to Facebook then reconnecting with your high school friends and posting pictures of your latest family vacation.  Social media is not only used for entertainment and enjoyment, it is being used for business.

Social media is word of mouth advertising on steroids

It used to be that in order to promote your brand in front of a larger audience  meant  spending a significant amount of money on advertising, whether it be running a TV commercial or investing in printed materials to mail out to potential clients. Although these marketing strategies  are still effective, social media is another advertising tool that can reach a multitude of people at minimal or no cost. Then only cost would be your time spent participating on these social media sites.

Consider if one of your followers/fans comments on one of your Facebook posts.  This comment can potentially appear in their friends’ news feed, even if this 3rd party isn’t following you yet. Your followers also have the ability to share your posts with others, causing your post to show up in their friends’ feeds. If one of their friends likes your post they can share it as well, allowing you to reach even more people.

Build stronger relationships with your existing customers

Not only can social media help you find new customers to build relationships with, it can help you make your current customer relationships even stronger. Social media allows you to communicate with your followers and keep them informed of what your company is doing.  Let people know of that big sale you are having this weekend. Perhaps one of your customers didn’t plan on stopping in, but now that they know about  a price cut, they will be doing business with you sooner. Even if your post doesn’t result in an immediate sales, posting regularly on social media sites will keep your brand in front of people, putting it in the forefront of their minds.

Although it may not cost you any money to sign up for social media sites, there is some cost associated with social media marketing, your time.  If you want your social media campaign to be effective, you need to invest  a considerable amount of time not only posting on behalf of your business but commenting on other people’s posts.  Similar to your face to face relationships, online relationships take work and they may not take off overnight.

Some businesses try to do their social media marketing, but get overwhelmed  at the amount of time needed to see significant results. At, we take care of your Internet Marketing so you can focus on taking care of your existing customers. We utilize many social media sites and use the most appropriate ones for your target audience. We take the time to get to know your business, so that we can define your goals and your market, to provide the best possible online marketing techniques for your business.