Search Engine Optimization

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimazation(SEO) is the process of driving traffic to your company website from the search engine listings such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. If your competitors show up in these search engine results before you do, they potentially could be receiving more leads and clients than you. So how do you get ahead of the competition when it comes to Google, Yahoo and Bing? You must make sure your company website is optimized for these search engines.

How can I apply Search Engine Optimization to my Website?

A lot of companies will have their website built once and then don’t have any work done on it for a couple of years. Eventually their website needs some freshening up, whether it be updated information, or the graphics are outdated. After those updates are finished, they don’t call their web designer for another 6 months to a year. And this works for many companies, that is if they are only using their website as a place to send their existing customers to for information. If you want to generate sales from your website, you will need to optimize your site and keep optimizing it on a regular basis.

SEO isn’t a one time, “set and forget” marketing strategy. Search engine optimization is ongoing. Google changes every single day as new websites are added so you have to consistently maintain your site’s search engines rankings. Think about it. When you get your site optimized, and you are happy with the results, you probably pushed some of your competitors further down Google’s results. So what is going to stop your competitors from wising up and adjusting their SEO techniques and moving ahead of you? Adding new content on a regular basis, and closely monitoring your website’s rankings, traffic, and inbound links are just a few SEO strategies that we use to keep your website at the top. There are some companies that try to maintain their own SEO but soon become frustrated due of the amount of time needed to produce favorable results. This is where Spyder Byte Media can help. If you’re tired of being invisible to Google, and tired of your competitors robbing you of valuable clients that should be yours, call us today to start dominating the Web.

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