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The average small business owner uses advertising to advance there business. Advertising is a key component to creating a successful and well known business. Most small business owners invest all of there money into advertising technique like signs, banners, fliers, and business cards. These are good starting points for small business owners but they lack both a customer interest and the ability to display a large amount of information effectively.

In order to achieve this there are a couple of ways to advertise and gain these additional properties that in the long run will attract customers but the most effective method to achieve this is to have a website. A website is a great way to advertise, display information, and give the customer a sense of personal service.

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Though having a website does not solely benefit your customer it is a good way to display information to your customers along with employs. A website can also provide a company with a means to gather information on what people like about the company and what they do not. Most companies wait to get a website untill they are much larger than when they started. If a company has a website at an earlier stage than they will be more prone to change for there customers improving there business as whole. Large business that wait to get a website until later will either change nothing because they already have a customer base or only change sections like there marketing division. When a small business changes to accompany customer needs they will change more than there one division but rather three or four. This then gives the smaller business more of a personal approach making there customers feel as if they are there for them not the other way around it also provides the business with a large customer base so that when the business grows there is less need for change.

By having a website a business can improve there advertising, information display, and customer service. By having a website as a small business can advance their growth, become more effective, and increase their customer base along with the basic gains of any website. By having a website at a early age a business will improve in many different aspects and directions giving them an edge in the now and the future. Thats why here at web design bros. we aim to create the best website for our customer because unlike a flier or sign that gets a moments notice a website needs to get the full attention of the viewer for a long period of time.