6 Web Design Tips for Developing a Website6 Web Design Tips for Developing a Website

You might have long dreamed to develop a website to make available some of the very important and interesting things to your customers. But many times it happens that however good your intentions are, your website may fail to attract the viewers interest due to some important reasons.

If you believe that your viewers have to read the content and be interested, some of the tips given here might be very useful to you.

Content matters

Many believe that attractive graphics, photos and videos are all one needs to attract the viewers. Believe me, more than attractive graphics you need an interesting content that can hold the viewers attention.

It is always better not to have content with all capital letters as it carries a message that you are screaming. If the visitor finds the website has poor content he may never visit any of your pages in future or simply put a dislike for the site. Keep the content readable as using of certain background colors can make the texts difficult for reading.


If you want to commercialize your website that has no interesting information you need to maintain editorial-advertising ratio of 75:25. It is worth notable that the editorial content should be interesting enough to hold the attention.


If you add too many graphics your website will be too sluggish and those who have slow internet may find it frustrating to stay on your page. You may include animation ads or the graphical one that blinks or pops up every now and then. But the visitors would get annoyed as it constantly disturbs their reading.
Clean normal size images

Let the images you post be clean and do not include texts in them as they seem immature. It also takes longer time to load as all the graphics you have included need to be loaded. Compress your image to a standard size as it will take long to load.

Simplify page navigation

Keep navigation options simple and sober. It is better if the visitor can navigate the page with minimum clicks. If you include menu option for all the pages it makes the reading much easier as the visitor will not feel stuck in some page. In such cases the visitor can come back to the main page whenever is needed and avoids forcefully closing the site.

Last but not least

Do keep your content unique as you need permission to post the content in your site that is published elsewhere.